At the independance , in March 1990, the newly formed Namibian Government decided to aim at developing the cultural identity of the population and to break away from the former isolation of cultural circles by opening up the rest of the world, in particular to the francophone areas.
In order to achieve theses objectives, it was decided to establish a Franco-Namibian Cultural  Centre (FNCC) , which has been officially created by an agreement  signed by the Governments of Namibia and France on July 31st 1991.
The FNCC first settled in a former Gospel outreach Church , at the corner of Puccini and Mahler Streets. It was soon to play a prominent role on the Namibian cultural and artistic scene. Five years later, it even proved necessary to move to a better place, as Mahler house was too small and too far from the city centre.
The Namibian Government then assigned to the FNCC a piece of land of 1200 square meters, which include a classified villa dating back to 1908. this excellent location, opposite to the Turnhalle, near the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) and the National Art Gallery, is close to the districts where economic and commercial activities attract the largest portion of the population.
The French Government for its  part decided to allocate a grant for the construction of new modern buildings more appropriate to the purposes of the Centre.
An architectural competition was won by a Franco-Namibian team composed of Dr.Jaco Wasserfall and Mr.Charles Delamy. The stone breaking ceremony for the new Centre has neen performed on June 25th 1998 by the Presidents of Namibia and france. H.E.Dr.Sam Nujoma and H.E.Jacques Chirac. the construction of the new building and the transformation of the classified villa into the Café des Arts began on February 1999 and was completed just before the inauguration.
Owing to its relocation, the FNCC is now able to increase its activities and extend its co-operation with Namibian educational and artistic institutions. The official opening the 1st december 2000 in Windhoek by President Sam NUJOMA and Ministry  Charles JOSSELIN : click here to see the gallery

The Cultural Center's mission is to intensify the cultural cooperation between Namibia and france. it offers French language cultural activities, opens to the public a well endowed library, and organises French language courses, lectures, meetings, film or video shows, theatre plays and exhibitions.
It contributes to the awareness and development of namibian cultural identity by giving support, through its equipment and know-how, to Namibian artists and performers as well as Namibian cultural associations.

The FNCC , a Namibian trust founded on January 25th 1994, is administrated and managed by a Board of Trustees of 12 members, presently co-chaired by the Hon.Buddy Wentworth, deputy Minister of Higher Education, Training and Employement Creation and H.E. Eugène Berg, Ambassador of France in Namibia. Most of the trustees are Namibian.
Since the creation of the Centre, three Directors have been appointed by the French Government, namely Mr André Joly, Mr Jean Pierre Clain and Dr Bernard Prunières . The deputy directors have been Mrs Trudie Amulungu, Mrs Ebba Kalondo and Mr Rick Ndjoze.
See the actual staff of the FNCC (november 2000)

In partnership with local  cultural and artistic institutions, the FNCC develops the folowing activities :
- French tuition for the general public ;
- nurturing exchanges withe the French speaking countries through making French and francophone cultural production avaible;
- fostering local creative talents and giving them a chance to develop ;
- training Namibian amateurs and professionals ;
- giving support to projects conducted by cultural and artistic institutions and associations ;
- helping towards building up a cultural policy in namibia.


French is the first or second language in more than 40 countries on 5 continents and is spoken by 125 million people around the world.
In Africa, it is considered as the main language in the Francophone countries and the second language in the South African Development Community (SADC)
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Information and organisation
registration : from 14th to 18th January 2002
1str term shedule : Monday 21th January to Tuesday 12th April 2002
Courses for adults and teenagers
Levels: begginners - Intermediate - Advanced -
Frequency : twice or five time a week.
The Centre offers also for you :
Private lessons with our teachers
Intensive classes for beginners (5 times a week)
Intensive courses for students who prepare travelling ,working, studying or living in francophone countries.
French for business (for advanced learners)
French for tourism (for tour guides in Namibia) in January
Courses for Namibian administrative officers
" Top Ten reasons to learn French in Namibia "
Please contact : Patrick Y.CHEVREL, Head of the French Unit
or Anne MARRILLET , Pedagogical Advisor , for further information :
Tél. 222.918 - fax :222 692 - mél: